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"Wake Up, You Little S**T" -
Man Hacks Baby Cam to Hurl Abuse at Girl, 2

A family was horrified when they learned that a man had hacked their daughter's baby cam to hurl abuse at the innocent two-year-old girl.  read story (Daily Express)

Toilet Freshener Recalled, Insult to Ukrainians

A colorful toilet freshener that is said to resemble the Ukrainian flag has been pulled from sale in eastern Europe by a German company after angry complaints.  read story (Daily Express)

Road Rage:Beware Angry Dudes in Blue BMWs!

Steer clear if you see a blue BMW on your commute home, as new research claims that men driving blue models of that make of car are the angriest drivers on the road. Research suggested men between the age of 35 and 50 are the most likely to suffer from "road rage", with BMW motorists ranked the most aggressive.  read story (NBC.com)

Man Shoots Video of Waterspout With Rainbow Over Baltic Sea

A Swedish man's video of a liquid tornado, known as a waterspout, in front of a rainbow over the Baltic Sea has gained him international attention.  read story (UPI)

Survivors of Oregon Boat Explosion Include 2 Cats

When the engine of their tuna boat exploded last week off the Oregon coast, owners Mark and Cynthia Schneider had no choice but to jump into the ocean and leave behind their two cats on the doomed vessel. But the story doesn't end there -- and it has an amazing ending.  read story (Yahoo)

Vietnam Offers Free Marxism Degrees to Draw Students

Seeking to boost falling college enrollment, the communist government in Vietnam has resorted to offering free college tuition to students seeking degrees in Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh. Exactly what a college graduate would do with such a degree in the modern workplace isn't clear.  read story (Yahoo)

Drone Industry Wants to Rename "Drones"

The drone industry is trying to steer a wary public away from using the word "drone" in talking about its products, concerned it's scary and suggests too much violence — sort of an ironic concern when one booth at this week's unmanned vehicle industry expo, displaying models of sleek-looking missiles, was giving away grenade-shaped stress balls...  read story (Huff Post) (Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force photo / Lt Col Leslie Pratt)

Seattle's 'Hempfest' Will Feature Munchies Courtesy of the Cops

A marijuana-centricfestival in Washington state this weekend will have a heavy police presence, but the cops will be a little friendlier than one might expect.  read story (NBC.com)

Pepsi-Flavored Cheetos Have Arrived

For those dedicated junk food junkies who feel that consuming a bag of Cheetos and drinking a Pepsi is too much work, the snack food gods offer you a solution -- Pepsi flavored Cheetos have arrived.  read story (Yahoo)

Rare Triplet Calves Born, Named After Royal Baby

"I couldn't believe it," the British farmer said of the rare phenomenon.  read story (NBC.com)

Two-Foot-Long Alligator Found in Missouri Pothole

A 2-foot-long alligator was discovered in a rain-filled pothole in Joplin, Missouri and turned over to the local humane society, said the couple who found it.  read story (UPI)

HERO: Dog Saves Little Girl From Rattlesnake

A brave dog named Psycho is being hailed a hero after jumping between a venomous rattlesnake and a little girl.  read story (Huff Post)

Thai Villagers Block Google Street View Car

Google's Street View project, which has raised privacy concerns in several countries, has ignited an uproar in northern Thailand where villagers suspected its cameras were surveying for an unwanted dam project.  read story (NBC.com)

Farmer's Corn Crop Yields Weird 4-Headed Ear

When Pennsylvania farmer Ben Klunk tells people about the mutant corn he found, they're all ears.  read story (Yahoo)

Cop Involved in Traffic Encounter Busts Fake 'Officer'

A New Jersey police officer arrested a man who cut him off in traffic and then said he was an off-duty police officer and threatened to "[expletive] you up."  read story (UPI)


Suspect Tried to Urinate Out Window of Patrol Car

A man who pleaded no contest to a drunken driving charge tried but failed to urinate out the window of a moving police cruiser, said Florida officials.  read story (UPI)

Fake James Bond Arrested in Spain

His name is not James Bond, but he may have taken pointers from the fabled spy. Spanish police nabbed a 56-year-old man allegedly posing as an undercover operative. The fake secret agent was arrested in Valencia this week after authorities discovered he took ...  read story (Huff Post)

Incredible Moment a Train Full of Commuters Is Struck by Lightning

An onlooker got more than he was expecting when he captured a lightning bolt directly hitting a commuter train.  read story
(Daily Express)

Republican Invites Clown Who Mocked Obama to Texas

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) invited a rodeo clown who made an appearance at the Missouri State Fair dressed as President Barack Obama to come perform in the Lone Star State.  read story (Huff Post)

JC Penney Accused of Promoting Bullying in Ad

A back-to-school commercial for JC Penney has come under fire for reportedly promoting bullying tactics against kids.  read story (UPI)

Oklahoma Lottery Directs Callers to Phone Sex Line

Oklahoma's lottery commission describes the promotion of its telephone number an "oversight" after citizens complained that they were directed to a sex talk line.  read story (UPI)

VIDEO: Mind-Blowing Lightning Strikes

A fantastic video surfaced Tuesday of lightning striking a train in Tokyo. That got us thinking of other amazing lightning strikes captured on camera. The saying that lightning never strikes twice got us thinking, and we've got a mind-blowing compilation that spans from New York City to Boston to Chicago to Montenegro.  read story (Huff Post)

Flasher Offers Women $200 to Let Him Kiss Their Butts

Police in Venice, Fla., are looking for a serial flasher who allegedly offers his victims money in exchange for the right to kiss their posteriors. At least four reports of the "Butt-Kissing Flasher" has surfaced in recent days.  read story (Huff Post)

Printing Plant Uses Too Much Ink on $100 Bills

The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing said the release of a redesigned $100 bill has been delayed because of a printing error that involved using too much ink.  read story (UPI)

Bigfoot Alive and Well in Siberia

Officials in Russia's Siberia region said a national park has cleared a path to the cave reputed to be home to the legendary Bigfoot.  read story (UPI)

LA Restaurant Offers Water Menu, $20 Bottle

Wine sommeliers, move over. There’s a new drink expert in town, and he’s serving up water. The "water sommelier" at Ray's and Stark Bar in Los Angeles offers a new dedicated water menu with beverages priced at $20 a bottle.  read story (NBC.com)

Harry Potter Readers Hated George W. Bush, Study Finds

A political science professor claims he has uncovered a link between the popular Harry Potter book series and the Bush administration.  read story (Yahoo)

Poll: Most Americans Would Keep Working After Lottery Win

A Gallup poll of U.S. workers indicates that two-thirds of respondents would keep working even if they won a $10 million lottery jackpot.  read story (UPI)

Teenage Girl Rescued From a Baby Swing by Firefighters

A red-faced teenage girl had to be rescued by firefighters after she wedged herself into a plastic baby swing, and the incident was captured on video.  read story (Daily Express)

Viral Videos of Cute Animals May Harm Them

In 2009, a man in St. Petersburg, Russia, uploaded a YouTube video in which his pet pygmy slow loris gets tickled. The video went viral, getting millions of views. But such videos of "cute" exotic species may be fueling an illegal pet trade and pushing the animals closers to extinction.  read story (NBC.com)

Swedish Authorities Intervene in Cat Breeding Dispute

Officials with Sweden's Enforcement Agency said the department helped a woman find a male mate for her cat in heat.  read story (UPI)

British Library Blocks 'Hamlet' As Too Violent

A British Library visitor said he was shocked to discover the facility's Wi-Fi network had blocked access to an online version of "Hamlet" because the classic contained "violent content."  read story (UPI)

Elementary, My Dear Fluffy: Cat DNA Solves Homicide

DNA readings from cat hairs have once again helped crack a homicide case — demonstrating the power of genetic pet databases to solve crimes.  read story (NBC.com)

Sci-Fi Jetpack Is Almost Reality

The gang on the TV program "Lost in Space" had them; the action heroes of "Thunderbirds" had them, too, as did "The Rocketeer" and cartoon figure Jonny Quest. And if the engineers at Martin Aircraft have their way, you, too, will soon have your very own jetpack.  read story (NBC.com)

Badger Digs Up Medieval Tombs in Germany

A wily badger has outfoxed archaeologists, digging up two "significant" 12th-century tombs of two Slavic lords in Germany, reports Spiegel Online.  read story (Yahoo)

Birth Forces Flight to Land in Barcelona

Officials with a Moroccan airline said a woman give birth aboard a plane as it was preparing for an emergency landing in Spain.  read story (UPI)

Sticky Mess: Truck Spills 528 Gallons of Honey on Road

Authorities in Germany said a truck spilled 528 gallons of honey onto a road and crews worked to clear the sticky mess before dawn.  read story (UPI)

Bar Owner Offers Sex With Waitress as Raffle Prize

A pub owner in Spain is receiving criticism from officials and locals for offering sex with a waitress as a raffle prize.  read story (UPI)

Video: NJ Woman Tries to Break Up Bear Brawl

New Jersey resident Susan Kehoe recorded video of her close encounter with two bears earlier this month. Kehoe has studied bears for 30 years and warns others: “Don’t do what I do.”  read story (NBC.com)

Norwegian Officials Fear Crabs May Get 'Seasick'

Norwegian officials banned a fisherman from putting his live crabs on display because they worried the crustaceans could get "seasick."  read story (UPI)

New Zealand Woman Drives and Texts...While Sleeping

Texting while driving can be deadly. Adding to the danger: texting and driving while asleep at the wheel.  read story (Yahoo)

BBC Presenter Can't Contain Laughter After Mosquito Mishap

BBC Breakfast's Louise Minchin is bitten by the laughter bug after he accidentally released a swarm of mosquitoes into the television studio.  read story (Telegraph)

Scammers Busted After Box of iPads Turn Out to Be Ice Cubes

Bungling fraudsters who claimed a parcel of ice cubes were a parcel of iPads worth £2,500 in an elaborate scam were found out when the box melted at a Royal Mail office.  read story (Daily Express)

Workers Resurfacing Road Laid Asphalt Around Parked Car

Workmen unable to find owner of a Peugeot 206 decided to simply work around it.   read story (Telegraph)

Baby Humpback Whale Freed From Shark Nets

A humpback whale which was entangled in shark nets off Australia's Gold Coast has been freed by rescuers, according to local media reports.  read story (Telegraph)

Yo-Yo Master + Video = Pure Joy

A new video showing Janos Karancz, the 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest freestyle champion, has gone viral thanks to the mastery displayed by the 18-year-old from Hungary.  read story (NBC.com)

DWI Charge for NY Man Asleep at Drive-Thru

You want a wake-up call with that? A man who fell asleep in his car while waiting in the drive-thru lane at a fast food restaurant had a rude awakening when he was arrested for drunk driving.  read story (Yahoo)

Bomb-Tossing Beauty Queen in Utah Resigns Title

A Utah beauty queen accused of joining three friends in throwing homemade bombs in a Salt Lake City suburb resigned her title on Tuesday, according to local sources.  read story (Reuters)

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