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100-Stone 'Big Kite' Plunges Into Crowd in Japan

Four people were injured, including an elderly man, after kite weighing 100 stone crashed into crowd at Japan's annual "Big Kite" festival on Sunday.  read story (Telegraph)

Drunken Minnesota Man Falls From Hot Tub, Impales Leg on Fence Post

A Minnesota man in his 20s impaled his thigh on a metal fence post after falling from a second-story hot tub, police reported.  read story (UPI)

Muslim Woman Denied Soda Because Can Could Be Used 'as a Weapon'

United Airlines has come under fire after a Muslim passenger was refused a can of soda because she might "use it as a weapon." Tahera Ahmad, director of Interfaith Engagement and associate chaplain at Northwestern University, has accused the airline of "Islamophobia" after an encounter with a flight attendant Friday that left her in tears.  read story (Huff Post)

Police Seize Huge Stash of Cocaine Hidden in Pineapples

Police in Spain seized more than 400 pounds of cocaine that had been concealed within a shipment of pineapples from Central America. The drug was hidden inside carefully hollowed-out pineapples that had been placed within 11 containers, a statement says. The cocaine had been covered in a protective coating of yellow wax that helped disguise it, according to police.  read story (Huff Post)

Elephant Steals Handbag From Tourist's Car

Tourists trying to take a selfie with an elephant got a shock when it reached inside their car and stole a bag full of fruit, debit cards and cash.  read story (Telegraph)

'Silent Guardian' Note to Drunk Guy Asleep in Car Goes Viral

Upon finding someone asleep in his car with the engine running, a well-intentioned person moved the keys to the back seat and left a note saying he was the driver's 'Silent Guardian.'  read story (Telegraph)

Solar Filaments on the Sun Look Like 'Keep Right' Arrows

"Keep right" signs aren't just all over U.S. roads. One "sign" appeared briefly at the center of the solar system last week. The formation on the sun appeared to resemble a cosmic "keep right" sign.  read story (Huff Post)

Former FIFA VP Doesn't Know Time or Place of World Cup

Jack Warner, a former vice president of FIFA, soccer's governing body, cited the satirical newspaper The Onion, to claim the United States investigated FIFA so it could host the World Cup.  read story (

Squirrel Steals Camera and Climbs Tree

A cheeky squirrel took selfies after it stole a small camera and ran up a tree with it.  read story (Telegraph)

Artist Carves Two Hearts Into Pencil Tip

From pen pusher to pencil carver -- Salavat Fidai began making beautiful miniature art after he was made laid off from an office job.  read story (Telegraph)

New Zealand Farmer Rounds Up Sheep Using Drone

Could sheep dogs' herding days be near an end? A video of a New Zealand farmer using a drone to round up his flock has gone viral.  read story (Telegraph)

Meet the Real-Life Astronomer Who Inspired Jodi Foster's Character in 'Contact'

Are we alone in the universe? That's the question that drove Dr. Eleanor Arroway — a fictional astronomer in Carl Sagan's book "Contact," played by Jodi Foster in the 1997 film adaptation — on an epic quest for extraterrestrial life. Meet Dr. Jill Tarter, the real-life astronomer said reportedly inspired Arroway's character.  read story (Huff Post)

Jet Skier Performs Amazing Freestyle Tricks

World champion jet skier Ant Burgess shows incredible skill during a freestyle run on a lake in the UK.  read story (Telegraph)

20-Year-Old Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sells for $209 a Pound

It's old, good and really expensive. A Wisconsin cheese maker unveiled a batch of 20-year-old aged cheddar cheese this week. Hook’s Cheese Company reported that most of the 450-pound supply has already been sold, at w whopping $209 a pound.  read story (Huff Post)

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Bee Swarm Takes Over Vehicle in Poland

A Polish motorist was shocked when he returned to his parked van and discovered his vehicle was covered in a massive swarm of bees.  read story (Telegraph)